Small Business Video Marketing – Busting the Myths

With video consumption increasing every year, it is estimated that by 2021 over 80% of global internet traffic will be generated from video1.  If those statistics don’t command an immediate marketing strategy meeting, then perhaps the following myth busters will.

Behold THREE of the top video marketing myths that could be holding back your small business marketing strategy.  

MYTH #1“Video marketing is too expensive.”

Don’t let the “If it doesn’t look expensive, we shouldn’t make it,” naysayers keep you from spending what you can afford on creative video marketing.  

Professional Video Editing 

Perhaps you already have some amazing video production tools in your arsenal, but don’t have the time or experience for proper editing.  Consider hiring a professional video editor to help you save time and give your video content a polished look.  

Online Video Templates

There is a myriad of online marketing template services for drop and click simplicity.  It could be a good place to start, however, you get what you pay for; non-personalized, cookie-cutter video content.  So, just keep in mind that your “unique” video is now almost identical to other businesses using the same template.

Do It Yourself Video

Video production companies are certainly the best option, and it’s a good idea to request project quotes, but for smaller businesses that need budget-friendly options, the DIY approach can be affordable.  Think informative and casual when utilizing a camera or iPhone. Get to know the features of an editing tool such as iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Windows Movie Maker – just to name a few.  

MYTH #2“We don’t need video. Our blog articles are effective enough.”

In the words of Emperor Joseph II of Austria about The Marriage of Figaro, “There are too many notes, Amadeus2,3.”  

Too Many Words, So Little Time

There are, how shall one say?   Too many words and only so much attention span available to the average reader.  According to a Nielsen Norman Group academic paper summary, the average web page user has time to read no more than 28% of the words during an average visit4.  

Give Yourself a Pat On the Back

The fact that you read this far is astounding!  Give yourself a pat on the back. With studies like these, it’s safe to say that blog articles alone aren’t enough to entice and keep your audience engaged.  

Turning Blog Content into Captivating Video

Though the tide of content marketing is shifting, businesses shouldn’t throw in the towel.  Recycling your most current blog articles is a great place to glean video script ideas. After all, scriptwriting is the foundation of video marketing and where the process starts.  

Hubspot did some experiments to see whether embedding a YouTube video within a blog post would increase traffic.  The results of each key metric experiment indicated significantly higher visits5.  Yet another reason to review what you already have.

MYTH #3“Video marketing is limiting.”

Not only is video marketing effective, but it will also increase your chances of generating leads and building better relationships with existing customers.  Let’s break down the potential of video a bit further.

Video Content Drives Customer Engagement

Social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter aren’t going away anytime soon.  Not only is social media a massive driver for customer engagement, but the platforms also allow people to share content.  Eye-catching video, even bite-size video content fewer than 30 seconds, will have as much, if not more power, than the written word alone.

Recurring Video on Social Media Maintains Interest

Recurring video through YouTube, Facebook, etc., has the power to maintain interest.  Additionally, customer satisfaction is improved by simply showing that your company is engaged and really care about customer support.  This is an easy “low-hanging-fruit” engagement to add to your task list – quick bite-sized videos or GIF posts showing how your customers can reach you for support!

If your company provides products and needs a boost to a brand, a series of appealing videos can provide customers the visuals about your products – perhaps a product ‘how-to’ series showing further value.  Customers like to know what they are getting when purchasing your product or services. Let video demonstrate that!

Bounce Rate Into Conversion

There is something powerful about adding video to your website home page.  It’s called reducing your bounce rate. That’s right! Your website is the first impression that potential customers will have of your business, and a video is one of the most important elements you can invest in that will turn bounce rate into conversion.

“Now that I know the power of video marketing, where do I start?”

Start Recording!

This may be easier said than done.  However, consider all the scalable options we’ve discussed here and start with a small budget.  Write a simple script introducing your ‘About Us’ page on your website for starters. Brainstorm with a video recording/editing provider who understands your vision and is able to partner with you and help ease you into your new marketing routine.

In the process, you’ll quickly see that you can obtain a big-budget look without the big-budget price.

Need a little help launching your first video marketing campaign?

It’s easier than you think, and Jacobi Studios is here to help!  No gimmicks or sales tactics – just creative, honest conversation included in your free consultation.

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