Video Storytelling

Video Storytelling for Your Small Business

Since the beginning of film in the late 1800s, people have been fascinated by movement and storytelling on screen. Our collective senses are inspired by action and expression. Now in the digital age, we’re still captivated by our stories, albeit through the social outlet mediums of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram – just to name a few.

Most people these days are skeptical of advertisers, and rightly so, as they are inundated by traditional advertising from the like of Hollywoodesque ad execs looking out for the bottom-line. Gone are the days when a silly jingle could effortlessly sell soda or flashy “SAVE BIG” junk mail gimmick could entice an insignificant rebate. People are more particular about what they choose to view and consume.

Here we focus on three storytelling components that are sure to help captivate your audience in a significant way.


People are wired to build connections, and businesses are no different. One of the biggest keys to a positive connection is by being personable and relatable. There is a reason the title of this article was chosen – Video Storytelling for Your Small Business – as small businesses represent the backbone of ingenuity and the human spirit. It’s an almost built-in relatability to individual consumers since small business is, well, not corporate.

According to researchers for the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer, many corporations are missing the mark when it comes to trust, which is really just a reflection of relatability. This is where small business has an edge in video storytelling as the origin story (how the company started, and where it is going) more closely reflects the average person’s interest and their own story.


Being genuine is the key to authenticity and the best way to capture audience attention. It’s imperative to connect in a meaningful way. In other words – we need to keep it real! Your customer base (audience) want to know what inspired you to start your business, what challenges you faced along the way, and why they should do business with you rather than your competition.

The definition of authentic is defined as “not false or copied; genuine; real.” Your small business could be a local shop where passion and home-made pride like this Bakery Commercial are part of your business model. Showcase those emotions in your video to convey your authenticity.

Or, perhaps your business is brutally honest with a heaping dose of humor during regular business hours – like Pazazz Printing’s comedic video demonstrating why Printing’s Alive. Either way, run with who you are as a small business. Your small business authenticity will not go unnoticed.


Collins Dictionary best defines the word inspirational as relating to or arousing inspiration. Derived from the word inspire, it’s also the feeling one gets when creative ideas make you or others want to achieve something.”

Inspirational storytelling is truly a motivator and has the power to move an audience to reflection and action., an organization dedicated to bringing hope, love, and strength to children and parents produced a touching Adoption Success Story video.

Another example of inspirational storytelling is from educational YouTube Channel Veritasium’s video titled My Life Story. Here, Dr. Derek Muller articulates with polished clarity the reason his channel is a success – all thanks to his dedicated followers.

Where to Start?

Video Marketing continues to grow, and now is the time to consider your origin story. Decide how to share your mission statement, product or service, and start a video plan to engage your audience.

If you’re not sure where to start, help is here! Contact Jacobi Studios today to bring your relatable, authentic, and inspirational stories to life. We provide promotional videos, explainer videos, animated and training videos, and even entertainment and gag videos for YouTube Channels – just for fun. Let’s chat!