The Jacobi Mission

Jacobi Studios was founded on the mission that everyone should have fun, personalized, and professional creative services that reflects their unique personality and story.


profile picture of Otto Jacobi

A Name With History Behind it.

Jacobi Studios was inspired by the life of Otto Reinhold Jacobi, a Prussian-Canadian artist born in 1812 who was appointed court painter to the Duchess of Nassau prior to the loss of Prussian independence. Over one hundred years later, distant relative, Holden Jacobi Henry, would name his company in honor of Otto.
profile picture of the owner

Meet the Owner

After working in the IT industry for nearly two years, Holden Jacobi Henry noticed a great need for storytelling in the business sector- something small to medium companies located between the Chicago – Milwaukee Corridor were missing. Rather than sit idly by, Holden would create Jacobi Studios in order to bring professional creative services to his clients at an affordable price.